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2019 September 29 (visual link)


I don't know what to say about myself when I'm put on the spot, and right now, that's how I feel. There are times I feel invincible, and times I feel so insecure. It's a feeling that I don't like.

Creativity may run in the family, I found some hints as to why I try to make perfect art, Lately, I have been trying to break the perfection gene. Map makers have to be perfect, not artists. Don't get me wrong, art takes practice and a certain amount of skill and training. Sure I can draw a box and say it's an apple. That would be an abstract of the apple form, but to get it to look like an apple, practice and a certain amount of perfection to make it look realistic. A square apple does sound interesting.

2019 September 30 (visual link)


The boring part. I started the day by going to work. I have a day job. On break I walked two flights of stairs. Now to ramble on to see if I can get some inspiration for drawing tonight. Perhaps I'll draw a map. I'm surrounded by maps at work. Perhaps just a cartouche. Strange, distant Uncle Martin Baty Lewis did not decorate his maps. That's it, a cartouce fit for a map. Spoiler, might take more than one day, so I'll be sure to post progress images.

The cartouche may be more ambitious than I has originally planned, but I shall attempt.

The cartouche has been started. I am going to set up a digital frame to use as an outline. It will be printed out in a light blue color, so that I can ink over it and remove any of the blue showing through the ink. Like using a non-photo blue pencil on a mechanical layout that was set up before the dawn of computers.

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2019 October 01 (visual link)


Keeping up with web content will be my Inktober challenge. I will draw, I will ink, but I need to keep up with daily blogging. I like the simple days of html, and they are long gone.

I have been drawing, I will draw and ink creatures out of halloween candy. See the (visual link) imagery notes for this day.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Inktober has been changed to Oct-coder. It appears HTML would be a more fitting daily challenge. (Saturday October 5)

2019 October 02

What a day. I mostly blew it. I did some tweaking on the cartouche file. Dare I say? Part of me is stressing over an announcement made where I work. A contest of sorts. How well will I be able to compete? Stay tuned for updates.

2019 October 03

This is my Friday, WOOT! I will have all day tomorrow to prepare for the contest. My head is spinning. Part of that is due to a headache that I woke up with. Most of the headaches I've had during my life is due to neck stress. I do not recall anything that would cause it last night. Let's see how well I can describe it. The beastly headache is constant. Anymore, it seems noise and light bothers me (more than it used to). There seems to be a constant bad smell in the air, similar to a strong chemical smell that I can't get away from, like really strong hot peppers. The smell seems to be there, even when there is nothing causing the smell. I need to stay hydrated, during the day, and avoid eating too much. If the smell sensation gets any stronger, hurling seems like it could be a possibility. Not to mention all the construction that is going on the Capital Complex in Austin. Find a good way to avoid most of the crazy drivers, then a road gets closed for utility work and aggressive cars are appearing out of no where. Austin is one of the worst cities in Texas to drive in. I'm sure driving stress is contributing to the headache. Then there is the constant pounding. Excavators, digging equipment. I would be nice if they found an old skull or something and have to stop for a while.

2019 October 04 is live. At this time, there is no content. Prepping for the contest at work has taken most of today. I have been arguing with code all day. I think the outcome of the fight is pretty decent. There's a lot to HTML and CSS. I completely understand the benefit of CSS, I just think it would be helpful to have a preview option with the interface.

Inktober will be interesting. Life has already gotten in the way. I may not draw every single day, but I will have something to show for it. Check back.

2019 October 05

The 30 day challenge. Well, it started out being Inktober. Necessary priorities says it should be HTML that I should practice for 30 days. Might have to delve into PHP as well. Code is different, Dreamweaver was touted as a GUI interface for HTML when I first heard about it. Then I took a class on Dreamweaver. Did the class focus on GUI design? NO! If focused on code design, using the GUI as a way to double check your work. You can get previews with the HTML code part, but getting CSS previews is difficult. Write CSS ... Save file ... update HTML preview.

Then there's the fact I wanted small type at the bottom of my web page. Natural assumption for myself, H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6 tags for headlines, should I be able to write P, P1, P2 and etc tags for paragraphs. No, it does not mean that. HTML absolutely does not like P1, P2 and any other style of P(#) tags. I was trying out different ideas on how to center my P1 tag before work, it was close (had I spent anymore time on it, I might have been late). Without changing the CSS, I changed the tag to be a P tag, because I had tried everything else. Boom chalkalacka, it worked, text centered. There's probably another way of doing it. That is why the October challenge should be HTML instead of ink. Ink is for the retirement job (I started early).

I was chatting with a new friend last night on Facebook. I was invited to a group of local women, and I complained about the difficulty of code. One person replied to my comments, then other women did not understand the techie. I felt best to take the conversation away from the group. I am so often accused of thinking I'm smarter than everyone else with my skill sets. I don't think that at all, I just think I have different skill sets that I can use to benefit other people, and they have skill sets that I can benefit from. They don't need my skill sets, I don't need their skill sets, we just need to benefit from each other's knowledge. Back to the story, I nearly burnt my brain on HTML yesterday, and I was chatting with her last night. She mentioned PHP, another form of HTML. That did it. This site is not totally responsive. My apologies if you're on a phone. I'm going to dive into PHP, it's going to be brutal.

OOPSIE, just checked the phone, it is responsive. I should still dive into PHP though.

2019 October 06

Just getting started. I finished up the candy corn creature last night. See the imagery for October 1. After thinking about it, I put it there instead of today. It belongs there as part of the grouping.

What else did I do today? I prepared for the contest at work. The products page had been started. I'm not exactly sure what I want to put on the contact page. We will see what happens tomorrow. Right now, it's time to take a break.

2019 October 07

I did some computer updates this evening, so this entry is late. Thought I had it all figured out, referring to an html file nested inside another html file. It did not work as expected. That means more trial and error experimentation. I will get it figured out. After all, right now, I don't have a lot of pages to manage. What if that changes? Better to figure out nesting now, than when I suddenly have upwards of 20 pages or more to manage.

My entry for the contest is in. Now to wait on the results of the judging.

2019 October 08

I wake up and my head spins, mild headache. The mildest all week. It's a good day. Making a good habit of getting my html on. Installed Catalina on the desktop last night and it nixed some of my favorite applications. We knew it was going to happen. How much will it cost me to find alternate applications. In the meanwhile, maybe I can hold off on upgrading the laptop.

It's only Tuesday, and I need to find a good tutorial on nesting html files within iframe tags.

I got it, I got it! Found the Dreamweaver feature I need to learn more about to make nested code. If only remembering features didn't take so much jogging.

It's working! Templates have been set up, and reworking the web site.

2019 October 09

Yay! It's Wednesday. And I'm catching up on HTML. Oct-coder is working out well enough. I'm blogging everyday. The goal is to work smarter, not harder. I don't feel like saying much today.

Well...I'm definately getting bolder with coding (for someone that prefers not to code). Taking it one step at a time. I want to move the blog to a Word Press site, to allow for commenting. Right now, I'm happy to know that I haven't forgotten everything. HTML5 is an upgrade and different mind set from HTML4. I'm making progress.

I have been arranging the dates on this page by section tags, maybe they should be article tags. Once I figure it out, copy and replace is an option that would be easily used to correct and HTML mistags.

2019 October 10

The day started off with a bang, er rather the shattering of glass. It woke me up from a nightmare, I'm not complaining. I will say one thing about the nightmare. It made me feel isolated.

And I thought I was being careful. There have been two typos as of now. Both have been corrected.

Interesting thought. Having been trained for print production, I'm on the look out for "widows and orphans," web pages with responsive design doesn't seem to care. I can fix a paragraph for the desktop view, and it looks very different on the tablet or the phone (with a few "widows and orphans." Something else to mess with my brain.

2019 October 11

Took a little vacation today, 4 hours. Spent my time off relaxing. All work and no play is not good.

Site wise, I did work on the contact page, I'm not quite ready to make that one live. I have also been tweaking out the products page. Speaking of products, you may wonder why I don't have my own store. I have a day job, I am not in a position to handle fulfilment orders. I don't have a way of getting to the post office during the day.

2019 October 12

brain overload

I'm getting ideas on how to better organize this page. Which way to go? Not sure yet.

Hmm, it's still Saturday, right? Good thing. I have been working on the Contact page and the Products page. And taking it easy, a vew breaks every now and then so my head doesn't explode.

Ding dang computers, messing with them is an easy way to get discombobulated. My 50¢ word for the day.

2019 October 13 (visual link)


Oh NO! It's Sunday the 13th! More discombobulation. Imagine that two 50¢ words within two days. My head might explode again. I try to live a simple life. I know, not going to happen, since I'm a techie person. I can make a file sing and dance it's way across the floor to the press and insure it will come off looking like a rock star. That's from the prepress side, once it leaves my hands, I have no control over how it looks. Just because I'm techie, don't get any ideas that this is an easy process. I can spend a couple of hours tweaking a bit of code, just to make it look right.

Then there's the computer. I updated to Catalina last week. How did that go you may ask? It has gone fine for the most part, except for when I open applications for the first time (Like Photos, and it take two hours to organize and arrange everything the way the app thinks it should be). At that point, it's easier to go away, and let the computer mess everything up, than it is to try and work while it's messing up my thought process. Hence, discombobulation. Oops, I said it agian.

I have my new email set up for the new domain. It is Spam filters are up! Woot! It doesn't mean all of them will work, hopefully, most of them. Contact page will be going live within the week. Contact page is officially live.

I got tired of looking at the computer, so I took a break to practice drawing. The results are linked to the (visual link) imagery for today. I was trying something different than realistic. Realistic doesn't seem to work out for me. We will call this one, Hurdor, he can be one of my ancestors (smirk).

2019 October 14

This is the 3rd day in a row to feel such discombobulation. Not complaining, the day just seemed longer that what it should have felt.

What about the contest at work? The jury has yet to make a decision. I hope it's me, yeah, I do.

2019 October 15 (visual link)


Time to add video editing to the skill set. I call it, "prankster at midnight or there about." Need more sleep. I was up for hours after the doorbell incident. I did get a chance to work on video editing skills. Based on the fact that I have studied Flash, it was not difficult to pick up the timeline work. It was just a question of looking up a few things.

That is the clearest frame from the video.

2019 October 16

I slept better last night. The doorbell pranksters kept me up the night before. Thought there was a chance they'd come back. We alerted the neighbors, no one else received a visit. After being up most of the night, I set a limit on a 2 hour nap.

This afternoon, I get to have holes poked into the skin for an allergy test, so not looking forward to it.

2019 October 17

This is a different layout, going with accordion panels. Tried yesterday to figure some of this out, it didn't work. I had better success today. There is still some tweaking to do. However, I can live with this for the moment.

Off today for multiple doctor appointments (preventative stuff). Head spinning from a mild headache. Yes, I have taken something for it, and I'm in a working condition.

By the way, I haven't given up on the cartouche, just haven't been talking about it.

2019 October 18

Friday! Friday Dance! However, feeling a little ill, it might be allergies. It's not the worst I've ever felt. But I have been feeling icky for a few days. Not sick icky, maybe fragile icky.

This weekend, I plan to work on the art page this weekend. I plan to make some more art too. I have some ideas for a video series on font recognition. For geeky folks like me. I have a lot I want to do, however, the mind gets crowded with ideas and I go into overload. Sometimes I feel like the only person with that issue but I know there has to be more people out there like me. We are the ones that get accused of not being able to complete a project. I have one thing to say about this website, it will always be under construction. Posting something to the site everyday is a goal.

2019 October 19

This is a lazy day. Time to get unlazy. There are so many things I want to do, how to decide which one to do. Decided to work on a coloring page for the new book. I can't show the artwork until I'm finished.

Had to take a break, so I decided to color. I'll post tomorrow.

2019 October 20 (visual link)


I did finish up the coloring page yesterday. While it shows some impatience towards the end. I'm pleased with it. The art is from Break & Color Abstract Fun Vol. 2, and a link can be found on the Merch page, if you'd like to know more about it. Today I plan to work more on coloring page creation. If I want to sell more coloring books, I need to create more art. Plain and simple.

I enjoyed coloring this page. Took my time and had fun.

2019 October 21

Well, it's getting easier to talk about myself. Don't know if that's a good thing.

Slight grumble. Gotta keep an eye on code. Sometimes it ends up in odd places. Then I have to spend at least 15 minutes figuring out what I did vs. what I should have done.

After some thought, I know what I want to say, the words aren't coming out. Do I start making accordion panels for the years, or do I create another page for 2019 when 2020 starts? In reality, Perhaps a new page for every 3 months would be a good idea, and link them as quarters. For 2019, I had 2 days for September and 3 months, that will be sufficient for 2019 Q4. I don't want to overwhelm anyone with really long pages.

Duh! I have been feeling weak and unmotivated. I think I just figured it out. I had a shingles vaccination last Thursday on the 17th. It's my guess (I didn't stay at a smart hotel last night), that I'm reacting to the shot. I just want to crawl up somewhere and get more rest.

Here I am at lunch. I have not heard anything about the compittion. How do I feel about that? I'm not sure. I want to ask questions, I don't want to ask questions. Catch 22, I guess. Will it hurt my chances if I ask or will it hurt my chances if I don't ask. Hey work! If you're reading this, I'd be a good person to award the prize to.

Did you see the (visual link) for yesterday? The coloring page? I imported it into a jigsaw puzzle game. It is challenging.

2019 October 22

Horrible headache this morning. In addition to headache meds, it would be nice to take something a little stronger. Strong enough to make resting easier. I did find a muscle relaxer, non-habit forming, nice nap.

2019 October 23

I feel better today. The ache across my shoulders is gone. Now to get through the day without any issues. Here's to a good day.

Special project from the supervisor, and yes, I want it to be obvious that I did it.

2019 October 24 (visual link)


This was an interesting project that I did at the request of my supervisor, see (visual link). Fancy border, and I branded it for the workplace by inserting a spot for a medallion. V1 was portrait mode, based on the information that was given to me. After feedback, V2 in landscape mode was made. It took a couple of hours just to make the border, and five minutes for warping the edge for the medallion. Initially I panicked when it was evident the change to landscape would be made. After 5 seconds of panic mode, I took a breathe and remembered that I had not expanded the warp effect, so it was a simple matter of releasing the effect and rotating the artwork. I did tell all parties involved with the project that if anyone asks where the artwork came from, they had Harry Potter in the closet. (Comment not sponsor, or affiliated in anyway, sometimes it seems like my skill is almost magical. I also feel like I've been stuff in a closet sometimes.)

I should mention the distortion on the border should have been expanded in the event the printing was to be handled by an outside vendor. You never know when something is going to go wrong. The warp doesn't print as expected, based on the vendor's equipment, or the warp is displayed in an unusual way. This video is a few years old, but it's still relavant.

2019 October 25

Happy Friday! Maybe someone will notice the skill I used to make the border I made at the request of my supervisor. I should note, my supervisor told me to keep the file. To be honest, I don't throw away any artwork on purpose. You never know when it can be repurposed for another project. Let's say it was a business card, I create character/paragraph styles for the project. The card may seem to be a one-off, but two weeks later I could get a request for almost the same card with a different font. Ka-pow, edit the character/paragraph styles, and it's done. Or the customer doesn't like the font as much as they thought they would, edit the styles, right down to font color, drop caps, leading, and everything you can think of. Object style, way cool. One of my favs is to create an object style for a non-printing object. Create business card, put non-printing frame around the edges, export to pdf, ignore non-print setting, and when the pdf is printed, the customer can see the size of the card in relation to the text and graphics.

I miss doing graphic design work. The biggest obsticle is working in Austin, Austin is an over-educated city. Sometimes I'd hear the boss say, if only we could do this (when I worked in the print shop). An internet search and a couple of hours later, I had some things figured out. I did not and still do not know everything, but if the boss thinks it's important, I felt it was my job to do extra research. He called me in on a day off once. There was a customer furnished file that was supposed to print in black ink. The file had a black color that separated into CMYK colors without a 100% black separation. The designer was MIA, and I got called in to figure it out. I sat in my chair for a couple of hours, looked at the file on the monitor and knew there was a way I could fix it. Then it came to me, a blend mode. I export their PDF file to separations, and placed it into InDesign. A big black block was place on top of each page with a cut out for the photos (they didn't need to be darker). Set the blend mode and got 100% black, so that all the text would print and not look gray or faded out from the dot pattern of 70% black. I won the prize, the appreciation of my boss. Then I documented the process. When I mentioned that I documented the process, he gave me the look and said that I didn't have to do that. I replied, you know it's going to happen again. He shrugged and agreed. BTW, it did happen again.

2019 October 26

It has been an interesting day. I rebuilt this blog page didn't quite work the way I wanted it to. Took some time off and went to Austin for a little while. Then I started again, one step at a time, got the accordion panels to work the way I wanted them to, SCORE!

I'm also remembering more about Dreamweaver. I know DW is supposed to be a GUI application, I'm not using any of the GUI tools. I use the live preview to check my work. For writing code, online resources. This page is the (visual link) for today's work. I give myself a pat on the back for persistance.

2019 October 27

Well, as I go through DW and recall the use of simple functions, this process is getting easier. The mistakes I make along the way reinforce the process of relearning. As I preview the sites ( and in different environments, there are still tweaks that need to be made. Would I want a job that is strictly web based? Absolutely not! These two sites, even though they mirror each other, are all I want right now. That does not mean I would object to being part of a team that can take what knowledge I have and combine for even better results. It means as a solo entity, this is my limit. Now I have some more fixing to do. The responsive phone version needs some help. I have an idea, and it may take a few hours. You will know when it works out. Well, the anomaly only happens on the blog page, grr.

The non-comforming blog page probable has something to do with the Bootstrap CSS that makes the accordion panels possible.

It appears to be fixed for now. 1 hour of thinking, what's different about this page? The one slight glitch, when holding the phone upright, the page is too wide, rotate it 90° and then rotate back, it scales to fit. I can live with it for now, it needs more investigation.

2019 October 28

It's a miracle that I survived yesterday, the 27th. I refuse to explain too much, only that the stress is still with me. Yesterday's event, combined with Saturday's event, is enough to tell me that I have to fight a condition that may ultimately affect me. I intend to go down fighting, and not roll with the status quo.

Last night, after the day calmed down, I printed a page from one of the coloring books. I didn't just color, I took my time and relaxation kicked in. The piece is somewhat ambitious. Time to get ready for work, ought to be an interesting day.

2019 October 29

End of the month already? That didn't seem to take long at all. I have officially been coding for 30 days, since this blog starts at the end of September. What now? Continue blogging and adding to the site. Art is going to be my retirement job, and I'm starting early.

The October goal has been met, a November goal... Find two more online merch stores. Maybe three. I do have one more October goal, finish up the coloring page I started Sunday night before November 1 roles around in 2 days.

It's lunch time, still no word on the competition. I think I have given up hope. On the bright side, I haven't lost much. Their loss is much greater. You will know what I'm capable of. I need to make progress with my art, my growth, and keeping my mind. Losing the mind is a possiblity. And at my age, I should be winding down, say some people. I say bring it on, let me create until I die. When the mind goes, I don't know what joke, moniker, story I will tell the patient people I hope to have around me. I hope they will hand me a giant, non-toxic crayon and let me draw on the table or the walls.

2019 October 30

I did finish the coloring page last night. At first glance, it's Valentine's day themed, it's abstract art, representing a tree with heart shaped leaves with a heart shaped sun. In what world does this exist? Not ours, but it was fun to create. I'll scan and upload this evening.

BTW, Happy Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday are over, and we are two days closer to the weekend.

I know, October isn't over yet. Reflecting on 30 days of code. I'm less intimidated by it. I did enjoy Adobe Muse, but I guess it wasn't used that much. Why else would Adobe end support for it. I know, I could have continued to use it... but it became deprecated software. That means at some point the browsers would no longer support the features, and I'd have to warm up to DW. The way I see it, better now than later.

I just found out, I am up to 17 subscribers on my YouTube channel. It is time for a "Celebrating 17 subscribers" video.

2019 October 31 (visual link)


Boo! It's Halloween. Speaking of Halloween, we live in a day where you either see it as fun or demonic. The way you see it is up to you. I don't plan to do much this evening. Might start another coloring page. With the way Austin traffic becomes more congested (daily it seems), I work 10-12 hour days. That includes travel time, some days better than others. Most days not better. Traffic on the way home a;ways takes longer than traffic on the way to work.

You're not here to hear me complain. At least not a lot of complaining. Nice to know I'm human though. Only humans complain, right?

My mind driffs back to the competition of sorts. I suspect I will lose. So sad, but not the end of the world. I will tell more about it, once a decision is made.

Tomorrow is November 1. Woot! There will be a lot of distractions in November. One of them is a septioplasty. Will have to look up that word. Wow! I was close, septoplasty. Doc said it will help with the tinnitus. Hope is works, I'm ready for my ears to shut up. I know, it's all in my head. That's right, tinnitus is all in the head, but it's real. Sometimes it wakes my up at night. That's a weird feeling to wake up at 3am with noise loud noise in your ears. The popping is the worst, I don't know if it's caused by the meds I take. I have tried cutting out supplements. Seems to work for a week or two, but then not. It can be reduced by breathing slower. Try slowing down your breathing when you're exerting yourself. Not so easy. Blocking it out works sometimes. It may not ever go away completely, any help at all will be appreciated.

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2019 November 01

Happy Friday! And Happy November! Bring on the distractions.

I was working on the cartouche last night. I may try inking a version, but the digital version will be pretty cool. No updated visual at this time, perhaps tomorrow.

Today is moving slow. I'm not complaining, I don't feel 100%, and someone brought a tiny upset baby into the dining room at work. I'd feel different if it was my baby, those years are long past.

2019 November 02

Honestly, this would typically be the point where I'd give up on writing a little HTML every day and go on to something else. However! This is exactly what I shouldn't do. I had been trying to think up something to do for November, seeing this is the second day in, a 30 day challenge would not be a realistic goal. I did a look back trough October, thinking I had set up a goal. If the goal had been set, it got lost. This morning I woke with a headache, there is not a lot that I feel like doing right now.

The headache is feeling better, I'll work on the cartouche for a while, then doodle a bit.

I finished a guilloché pattern. What next?

2019 November 03 (visual link)

I don't know what to say yet. I slept in the morning, only to find out it was not as late as I thought it was. TIME CHANGE! I did find out there is a difference between the code for % and ‰, I was looking for % and guess that the code would be &permil, because it was a percent sign.

If you haven't already, check out the visual link. I did get more chatty while talking about the artwork.

Overall, today wasn't a bad day. My idea to replace the dots created a different way has not panned out. I'm getting tired, might be from the time change. And there's work tomorrow. I had gotten an email about brochure design. I'm not sure I want to take on the project. Yes, it would be great. The facts are on the table, I have a day job, and I cannot allow side work to interfere with that. Especially if someone wants to pass on a rush job. If you want to support me, look at the merch page and consider a purchase there. I am in the process of looking for more outlets for creative work, storefront options.

2019 November 04

What a nightmare, I dreamt I was back working in the semi-conductor industry. I am thankful that I am out of that industry, it's not for me. Just so that you understand, I admire the people who have the mind set to work and thrive there. The pay is good, the benefits are good, and the people are good. It's the economy swings that messed with my mind.

I started the 17 subscriber video last night. I need more content. Today I will probably work more on the cartouche. It's probably going to be silly. It will require that I learn how to insert a voice-over. Not difficult, I'm sure, it will be the first one.

2019 November 05

Creative Cloud updates have been rolled out, time to see what is new.

2019 November 06

Woke with a headache, so I will be doing my best to get rid of it before the day is out. I'm feeling rather discombobulated.

The ENT's office called, they want blood work and EKG prior to the septoplasty. I called the primary's office, (great team and few complaints) and asked if they could get me in today. I had taken the day off, and it seemed like a convenient time to ask for and EKG. They got me in. Blood draw was taken two-three weeks ago, so thankfully, they did not have to stick me with another needle. Info was sent to the ENT.

Creatively? It was not a good day to create.

2019 November 07

Feeling much better today. Time to catch up on all the new features in Creative Cloud 2020. And there's Photoshop for the iPad. Let's see how much I can cram into my little brain. So much to learn.

I've been listening to the new features for Creative Cloud this morning, they are cool. I like the Adobe Capture feature that was built into the libraries panel for Photoshop. Something similar for Illustrator would be cool. Then there's coming to the iPad Illustrator. Wonder how long that will take. There was no promise for CC2021. InDesign support for SVG looks promising. There will be lots to explore.

2019 November 8

Good morning. Yesterday was fun, listening to all the new features I could fit into one day, for CC2020. Today, I'll be listening to more. I was finally able to get some content written for yesterday. I got up, like I always do, got ready for work, like I always do, then I started writing, like I do since the beginning of the blog...and the file would not save. It kept reverting. A mildish annoyance. I do not know what was going on.

Now that I'm more comfortable with HTML (not an exper yet), I want to see about putting an accordion panel inside an accordion panel. That would be awesome.

I worked on coloring pages yesterday, no show and tell for coloring books in progress.

The ENT's office called today, there was another name on the EKG results that got faxed over. I don't know Abby Normal, and I don't even know who she is. Called the primary's office, hopefully it will all be straightened out soon. Like my nose.

2019 November 09

Woke with a headache, this is getting old. Honestly I took it easy today.

2019 November 10

Another day, a milder headache. I like milder.

Yum, chocolate makes everything better! I'm inspired, more about that tomorrow.

2019 November 11

44 years ago, the winds of November came early. There's going to be a serious arctic blast this afternoon. A third of November has passed and daily code play is still a routine.

I worked on the 17 subscriber video last night. Editing takes the longest. I'm going to keep it simple, too late, nothing I ever do is simple. I was also able to work on a coloring page or two. Not sure what I'll get done today, car needs servicing.

I have seen the structure for a nested acoordion panel, I will save a copy of this file and see what I can come up with. Nested accordian panels are working, and my brain is getting fried! It won't be finished today, brain overload.

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