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5 October 2023

Today is strange. I've been working on a novelty font.

27 September 2023

I'm down to 8 years, 8 months before I can have the option to retire, if I want the level of benefits that I want. In reality, I'll never stop working.

31 July 2023

I remember what it was, someone told me I could buy time towards retirement. Unfortuneatly, the one benefit I was hoping to gain another tier, was not an option. 9 more years.

30 July 2023

No excuses, however, in my defense of ignoring this website for a few months, I lost a few family members. And strange things have been going on. No, I can't explain it.

Whatever was supposed to happen in March didn'y happen, didn't happen.

2 March 2023

Dang it, didn't mean to take a lot of time before coming back to the web site. There have been some distressing events within the family. The folks are needing extra care.

Good news! If I say it, will I jinx it? I don't think so, but I don't plan to announce it until I'm 100% sure it's going to happen. Just in case I have one or two of the details wrong. I discovered a benefit at work that could be very helpful.

31 October 2022

I need to work on a redo to the website, that's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it.

20 October 2022

What a week! I've been watching Adobe Max online Tuesday and Wednesday, had to take a Max break on Wednesday for PT, and it was the best session ever. I started the session by going through exercises, stretching, strengthening and such. Then massage happened, a little around the shoulder, then into the upper arm, and that's when it happened, she found a muscle that was ultra tight and it had been that way since I broke my arm. First I said ouch, and she asked if she was being too aggressive, and I'm like "No, you found a really tight muscle." She backtracked and found that spot again, then started working it. I had no complaints. When I got in the car to drive off, I could tell a marked difference in the arm. It didn't try to snap back. I feel so much better today. The arm is slightly stiff, but that shouldn't last very long.

18 October 2022
Break & Color New book

The new coloring book is live and ready to purchase, in the event you are interested.

It is becoming obvious that I need to spend more time with finessing HTML. Or there is Plan B, hire someone. Well... Plan B won't happen for a while.

I have time off planned for the rest of this week. There's Adobe Max and making a trip to South Austin over the weekend.

16 October 2022

I had the contents of another coloring book ready to go around July 7th. Because that's the day I fell and injured my shoulder, publication had been put on hold. I have now been released to work with minimal restrictions, the cover art has been finished and the book is in the review process. I will post a link when iit's approved.

13 October 2022

Got the car back, and all is well. I've been watching some jewelry videos, looking forward to trying out some techniques that I saw.

12 October 2022

Today the car went to the dealership for recall. The car hasn't been misbehaving, so I'm sure that in our case it's a preventative measure.

10 October 2022
wire wrapping

The wire wrapped rock turned out decently. That was 18 gauge wire, I feel like I want to take that off and try again with a finer 24 gauge wire.

Vacation over, time to go back to work. It's all good, work turns out to be a good source of PT for the arm.

8 October 2022

Therapy is going well. I can't complain there, I can feel differences in my arm each day that tells me it's getting stronger.

I have the content together for a new video on graphing patterns for cross stitch, needlepoint, quilting, hook latch rugs, wood working, metal working, jewelry making and so much more. And in case I left out a use for a graphing a pattern, send me a message through FaceBook, and I'll update the list.

Today, I think I'm going to try makine some wire wrapped jewelry.

1 October 2022

Today the arm feels better than it has in a long time. WOW! Now would be a good time to work on some coloring books.

29 September 2022

I've been struggling with the 3D printer. I get an idea, and it doesn't want to play nice. Aside from that, life is pretty good. The arm hurts off and on. October is next week. And I'm one month closer to retirement.

I'm looking back through some of the posts, and I see errors (they have been corrected), but I feel some of the errors are creeping in because of the transcriptions. If I'm transcribing the word Authorize, and it is spelled Authorise in the middle of a sentence, it has to be Capitolized and be typed out with the s instead of a z. It's messing with my mind.

15 September 2022

Two days working on site, and I'm hurting. Tremors and spasms from the shoulder to my elbow. So it's not as bad as it was when I first broke the arm. I am following the doctor's restrictions on what I can and cannot do.

The paint class was not Acrylic Pouring, like the web page said. The class was Acrylic Still Life. Oh well, I'll take away what I can learn. The instructor has a very definite appinion of what art is and is not. I also have a very definite opinion about art. Art can be as simple or as complex as a person wants to make it. Art takes many forms, art has many inspirations, and art can be personal. The personal versions of art will not be worth a lot of money in 100 years, the value of personal art is not measured in money. Whether it's your own art, or you are learning from another person's art, it is there as a teaching aid and inspiration.

8 September 2022
3D print

I thought I was going back on site to work today. Doctor's Office said Monday

To the left, a piece printed on the 3D printer. It came to me as a scan, and I turned it into vectors for laser cutting and sculpture creation. I extruded the ring, and created a bottom piece. The first attempts failed, then I decided that instead of printing two pieces and glueing them together, I just had to figure out how to make one piece out of it. It finally worked. It was an irregular shape, if it had not been irregular, it would not have been such a challenge to print as one piece.

It's a good day, can't complain. Listening to music, transcribing away (transcribing documents written in cursive to type for those that can't read cursive (a lost art form)).

The arm is healing. Yeah, I a little disappointed that I did not get a bionic shoulder replacement. <joke>But then they would have had to do the knees and one of the ears so that I could be the new bionic woman.</joke> I can do chicken wings with my left arm. At the moment, lifting it higher than my shoulder requires assistance.

7 September 2022

I get to go back to work tomorrow. Yay! Ten more years of scanning paper is in my future. Unless I go blind, not totally blind macular degeneration blind. I'll be able to see well enough but not for driving. Just in case you are wondering, I wear UV protection sun glasses, and take the AREDS every day. There are two camps on the AREDS, one say it will help to prevent ARMD, the other says it doesn't matter, ARMD will happen any way. Maybe taking the AREDS won't do anything, but I'm taking them anyway, along with my other daily meds and supplements. Speaking of supplements, when I was younger, I started taking them to feel better. And I could not tell a difference between taking them and not taking them. Now that I'm low iron, and have arthritis in the knees, I can tell a difference between taking them and not. So when I get up in the morning, I say, "God grant me this day my daily meds." And it's applicable for not sleeping all day.

2 September 2022

I did a solo driving test yeasterday. No problems for the most part. I did feel some muscles and tendons stretching in the left arm, gentle stretching, nothing pain racking through the body.

A week from yesterday, I get to go back into the office and work the hybrid work week. The world still has Covid-19, add Monkey Pox and Polio is making a comeback. I'm still wearing a mask, and because of it, I have not been seriously sick in 3 years. We had a Covid scare, and went to the doctor last year, the results said I didn't have Covid, but I had the flu. Well, it was the mildest case of the flu that I ever had, and it absolutely did not feel like the flu.

29 August 2022

In just over a week, I'm cleared to go back to work on site. That will be interesting, figuring out what I can and can not do, and getting help for things I'm not supposed to do.

27 August 2022

Today will be a practice day for driving, maybe all I need is a kid's steering wheel.

Good news, I pass the driving test. I also ordered an exercise gear to strengthen the arms, like table top bicycle wheal. I am rather annoyed with the frequnecy of muscle spasms. I'll be glad when those pass.

26 August 2022

I let myself down in keeping up with this blog, it probably started with the headache. Then I'm sure it spread to a situation I am having trouble dealing with. Then there was the trip, and the stress that came with it (refer back to situation). Then June and July happened, uninteresting for the most part. Except the part when we got a 3D printer, and that time when I broke the arm. Now it's August, and I said, I need to get back to the artwork.

The arm is getting better, they said surgery, I said no surgery, and they decided it wasn't that bad of a break. <smirk>Things may change next month when I go out for the Olympic trials for Gymnastics </smirk>

10 April 2022

Well . . . I woke with a headache, it's better, but still kind of there. Grumble, I'm still annoyed with being sentenced to 10 more years of Office work.

Took some time for the continuation of the computer setup.

9 April 2022

Let's start with the old Mac, I traded up and got a new one. I'm quite pleased with it, and there are few things I still need to set up, but, I had to test drive it.

I told myself not to think about any new coloring books, it didn't work I have one that could be published by the end of May. I'm not goint to rush it. Back to test driving!

PS: HR was wrong, talked to the people in the know, I have 10.5 years before I can retire.

20 March 2022

Yesterday, I learned something new. I got tired of tagging my files in MacOS, the visual tags did not transfer across Creative Cloud. Searched, search, searched, and the solution was to add visual labels to the files in Adobe Bridege, the labels transfered, then removed the visual MacOS tags. Now I must avoid updating applications on the 2013 MacPro, I don't want to risk installing another program that refuses to run.

19 March 2022

March has not been a very friendly month.

6 March 2022

A mild headache this morning. I woke up and caught the donut fairy leaving the house, and he left a bag of donuts on the table.

I was able to get the outlines of the stencil finished last night, I was worn out after creating twice, there was a mistake on the first one. A design element had gone into the frame of the stencil.

5 March 2022

Another headache. Third or fourth morning in a row with one upon waking up. I have stuff I need to do today. Creative stuff.

It's after lunch and I'm making a stencil to experiment with. I chose, possibly, the most difficult project I could have found. And then I had to start over, but the second time around, I discovered a faster way to get what I want.

1 March 2022

Another day has passed by. I am getting a lot of ideas. I have too many distractions, mainly, the day job. If what I heard from HR is correct, I have 5 years before I can retire. It's depressing, but I have to work through it.

27 February 2022

Well. my poor little Mac Pro is coming to end of life. It won't run Photoshop 23.

21 February 2022

I am struggling with words. I want to connect with the few followers that I have. Sadly, it's not happening.

18 February 2022

Happy Friday, and I hope all your Fridays are good.

16 February 2022

I don't like getting up with a headache, and the everything steroid shot seems to be wearing off. it's Wednesday, that means the week is half over. SO I just need to geth through the work day, and the rest of the week is WFH.

14 February 2022

Happy Saint Valentine's Day. Hope everyone is doing well. Hah! Just got a notice that one of my credit cards is being suspended. The joke's on them, I don't have a card with that bank. I don't even remember why I don't like that bank. Must be important.

10 February 2022

I have noticed small details that should have been edited, before now. I am trying so hard not to forget such things. I know, code template. I can comment out a line that will repeat with a few edits, and make the edits stand out like a sore thrumb. Excellant idea.

I had a thought, and then I lost it... it's not coming back.

08 February 2022

Today is warmer. I got amused last night watching a video, a designer called out a rich black formula of 100% each of the CMYK values. First, that's called the regitration swatch, and if it were to be printed, that's way too much ink on the paper.

03 February 2022

Brrrrrrrr! Even colder, how did that happen? There's one thing for sure, it will pass.

03 February 2022

Brrrrrrrr! It is cold and icy outside. So cold and icy, my employer said to telework for the rest of the week. So cold and icy, I don't want to drive. So cold and icy, it's time to wear sweats all day.

01 February 2022

February is now here! The results of the bilateral Carotid artery scan. Nothing to worry about. But why am I dizzy? Talked to my provider yesterday, and I was given a fix all shot, for the arthritis and the dizziness. It hasn't fixed either yet.

I worked on font management. I did not realize I had so many duplicates and script fonts. I'm getting there. Once I'm finished with the desktop, I can export the fonts into groups and set them up on the laptop.

29 January 2022

Let's see, Thursday I had a bilateral ultrasound to the carotid artery. Friday, I worked all day. Today, I think I have talked myself out of shopping for art supplies, and to see what I can create.

I'm also working on the newsletter.

26 January 2022

Missed a couple of days, I blame the dizziness. I will be having a procedure performed today that might shed some light on the dizzy spells. If not, we will try other avenues of discovery. One thing for sure, it messes with the creative process.

23 January 2022

More ideas are flowing for new art. Now to finish them.

I woke up less dizzy this morning, drank lots of water yesterday.

22 January 2022

It was supposed to snow yesterday, but it didn't. There were no posts yesterday, I got wrapped up in a project. Today I'm trying to find out why I have dizzy falling sickness in the morning. I have an idea, if it doesn't work, I'll be seeing the doctor. I'll probably see the doctor anyway.

20 January 2022

It's cold outside, and icy. Something not seen very often in Central Texas.

19 January 2022

Yesterday wasn't that bad, for an on site day. I'm also working today, since there was a holiday on Monday.

I believe I found the replacement font for the newsletter. Here I am, changing fonts, just because I don't like the way the quote marks look.

18 January 2022

Well... darn time to drive through the aggressive sea of cars known as IH35. Before I go, it sould be noted that I made a news page. The goal is to publish once a month, bonus will be additional newsletters that talk about relavent topics for graphic design and traditional artwork. The shell of the news page has been created, it won't be live for a day or so. Spoiler on the second newsletter, it starts off talking about fonts, then travels into traditional art. Guess I saw something shiny.

17 January 2022

The idea for the next video has been cemented. I don't have a lot to say right now, that can change.

16 January 2022

Good morning. Yay! the video has been uploaded.

15 January 2022

The ides of Janauary. First, where's my coffee? Off to get my coffee.

The coffee is good this morning. Last night I popped open a "Render" sketch book. It was 3 by 5 inches, and that is some thick paper. It's no wonder ink doesn't soak through the paper. The paper also has a nice dull finish, and I am of the opinion that the coating does more to absorb the ink and keep it on the surface. The paper is more like card than computer paper, and that causes me to wonder if all the sketchbooks are made with the same paper. I have a set of Faber Casteel Pitt brush pens, and used them in the book first. The ink went down solid. I turned it into a neurographica project. For the neurographica projects, I like to put a black edge around the sheet, and even when I drew off the paper, there was very little back wash on the other side. It's not finished yet, I have to take breaks to avoid headaches.

When I was in high school, I could draw people fairly well. Now, sadly, I'm out of practice. However, I did to some drawing last night on heads/faces. Not bad, not exceptional either. I need to start drawing every day, like I did way back when. Unlike my school days, I have been looking at facial features. As a result, I have got to break the perfection gene where I try to draw everyone with the same features. I did try this last night, and I was impressed with the results.

Shhh, I bought something from the wish list for Doodle Date. Hopefully Steph and Adam like the gift.

Accomplishment!Video fininshed and rendering, it will be uploaded by the end of the day.

14 January 2022

My head hurts, my knee hurts... I'll get over it. A lot of crazy stuff goes on in the world. I'm ready for stuff to settle down.

It's going to be a long weekend, I should be able to get the new video up. I glanced over at all the art supplies I have, They need to be used up. In the current circumstances, they could last the rest of my life. HaHa.

Before I forget, Happy Friday! Now my eyes hurt from looking at handwriting samples nearly 200 years old. Since people are not learning to read script, part of my job is to translate script to print. I spent a good two minutes figureing out a scribble mean authorize. Of course, once I figured it out, it was easy to see. Surveyed was another difficult word in this particular document. Sometimes, I just have to start at the end of the word and work backwards. Yeah, sometimes it works that way. Last two letters are "ed", the first letter might be "s" and since the document refers to land, surveyed is a good candidate. Then it works, the words flow together to make sense of the document.

13 January 2022

I missed 3 days of blogging, totally unintentional. It's Thursday. Tuesday was a work on site day, it didn't happen. I work up, I stood up, got attacked by the vertigo monster and fell over. my work on site day was converted to a work from home day. Trust me, I'm not complaining, drivers in the Austin area are becoming more agressive. Central Texas, that is not something to be proud of. Sometimes I wonder if another oversized passenger truck to take out my car again. I hope not, I want this to be the last car I ever have to buy. Maybe I am complaining, more about traffic than my knee, and my knee is still sore from falling on Tuesday, and it's Thursday.

On a bright note, I got the RedBubble samples, in the mail, for stickers and magnets, they look great. The colors are close to the output I had expected to see. I suppose I could knit pick the colors, but what good would that do. This is my process after I create some artwork, I print a sampe on the laser, I upload the artwork, I order samples (especially with heavy areas of blue and green), then I look at the samples. If the samples are good, absolutely fabulous. If the samples don't quite meet my expectations, I try again.

10 January 2022

Good News, Bad news. I blew out the whites on the neurograpggic video that I tried to put together. Good news, I think I can save it through After Effects. Photo Filter appears to work, otherwise, I'll have to do the whoe thing over again. I really don't want to start over again. Must give the day job attention it needs, before I can continue the video.

09 January 2022

My dive into neurographic art began Saturday morning at about 3 a.m. Then I went back to sleep, worke, rand errands and tried some more neurographic art. My impressions are as follows: I enjoyed it, but as with any art form that can keep me sitting in one place for a long period of time, I can't ignore breaks. If I ignore breaks, I am prone to migraines due to neck stress. I have a mild headache this morning, so it is possible I did not get enough breaks. The coloring media has to be paired with a compatable paper medium. Fisrt, was Aspire Petallics paper and alcohol markers. It was a fail in my opinion, not because the markers or paper were bad, they were unsuited for each other. I reached a point where I stopped trying to smooth out the marker streaks and just finished coloring in all the sections. Look great from a distance. Colored pencils is a good medium for the Aspire Petallics paper. Second, much later in the day, I tried alcohol markers on watercolor paper. I had found a pad of water color postcards that were 4 x 6 inches to weork with. I liked this size better than the 8.5 x 11 inch paper. Worked great for the most part. Had some issues blending once the ink hit the paper. The third try was the best in my opinion, and I still have a lot to learn about watercolors. I took a bruch lining pen to create the black lines to separate the board, and used watercolor pencils to color in the spots, and used a water brush to spread out the color. All three processes were recorded on my phone, and now to download and edit the video. Then the voice overs, since there was a lot of background noise. I will get started today, but it may take a week to get the video uploaded.

The color shift on the website has started showing up across all the web browsers. That makes my guess on the web cache correct.

And when I try to tweak something, the html disagrees, and I have to figure it out.

08 January 2022

Saturday is here, I have some errands to run, then how about a video?

07 January 2022

Happy Friday! My boss said that I earned two days off. Saturday and Sunday.

06 January 2022

I strted the newsletter yesterday. I changed the color scheme on the website, however, the colors are not showing live. It wasn't a drastic color shift, but still, why are they not going live? Time to find a color more drastic. The color update issue appears to be cache related. Nothing to worry about. Now I have to fix the art page.

Didn't get a chance to try neurographic art yesterday. Unfortunate. I got involved in file management on the desktop.

Artwork page fixed, forgot to chech phone, brb. Phone is close, more tweaking, cause I missed something. Missed item corrected, now it works on the phone.

05 January 2022

Ok, I'm brain fried on html. After making updates to the merch page, I just assumed it would work smoothly on the phone. Did it? NO! So I'm searching and searching, and finally, it dawns on me, a clear attribute to follow the float attribute. The first time I tried it, it did not work. I was trying parameters left and right. Then it occur to me a <br class="clear"> tag. Now it works, as expected, on the phone.

I think it's time to start a newsletter.

I'm known for running down rabbit holes, sometimes with good results. Yesterday, I saw videos for neurographic art. I'll be trying that after I get off from work today.

01 January 2022

Happy New Year! I'm not sure what the new year will bring. Let's pray Covid goes away and we can return to our regular lives.

24 December 2021

Now it's Christmas Eve day. There was some struggle, however, I was able to get some progress work on the Merch page. I'll do some more today, and then, move on to the Artwork page.

Merch page finished for the moment. I'd like to make a few changes, later.

23 December 2021

The Eve of Christmas Eve, sort of sounds strange to say it that way.

I have uploaded a few videos to YouTube, submitted a few cards for Greeting Card Universe, launched a new line of merch and looked up real estate in the Outer Hebrides and The Ilse of Mann. Unless my art takes off, the real estate in the British Ilses is off the table.

Speaking of which, I need to work on the merch page.

2 December 2021

What a day! Staple in the tire. I know it's been a while since I posted.

There was a trip to Ohio, very short, made it past Dallas and had to turn around. The details are complicated, but as soon as we turned around, the passenger calmed down.

The car the kid was driving reach black hole status. He got my car to drive and I got a new one. Got it in February, and managed to get a staple in the tire. Then I sat down to work while I was waiting on the tire, and had no USB to USB-C connectors, so I wait on the car and work late this evening to make up the time.

On the creative side, I have additional books on Amazon, with the coloring books, there are journals, scrap and art psper books and graph paper. Branching out... there's been some stress, there was a teasing about a potential retirement job. (Glad it fell through) Really!

It's time to face up ti COVID reality, it's not going away.

That was a lazy Sunday Morning! Monday, I was back to work.

15 September 2021

Lazy Sunday morning, so far

27 August 2021

Stuffy nose day, if you see me, go the other way. It's prpbably jusy a stuffy nose, and just a basic ear infection, but we are in a time that requires caution, ding dang Covid-19. Getting back to normal would be absolutey-gob-smacking-fabu-awesome.
It will be a ggod day to draw, when I'm nit sleeping. I woke up at 12:30 this morning and have been awake ever since.

24 August 2021

What made Sunday so interesting? I've slept since then, so I couldn't say. There was one concern that cleared itself, very glad of it too. Yesterday was supposed to be work on site day. But traffic threw me a curve. It was decent when I left for work, then all the aliens came out with their red and blue lights. They were all disguised as emergency vehicles, and slowed traffic down to a crawl. So I ask my manager if I can trade my day on site to one of the work from home days. She was agreeable, so I turned around. I'll work today and Friday on site.

22 August 2021

Such an intesesting day. More tomorrow.

20 August 2021

Happy Friday! I tried modifying the break tag yesterday, It doesn't appear to have worked. Darn, tried some other code variations. Still, no workie.

19 August 2021

Well, the obvious, it's Thursday. I'm not complaining either. One small complaint, there's so much stuff open on my computer, I'm getting confused.
I took part of my linch to trade out license plates for the new car. I made an appointment ahead of time, I had sat down, and they called my number. I was in and out in less than 20 minutes.

18 August 2021

Wednesday, and it's a telework day. I had something I wanted to say ...
I had an interesting dream over the last weekend. It took place in London. We were driving around, and it didn't take long to figure out we were driving on the wrong side of the road. There weren't any mad swirves to avoid other drivers, someone said, "I think we're on the wrong side of the road." Then we started driving on the correct side of the road. I was there, Hubby was there, mother in law was there, and a friend from high school was there. We were driving around the industrial areas, mixed with residential areas. It wasn't on the must see list of London, it was areas that I thought were similar to areas that I've see in the USA.

14 August 2021

Happy Saturday! It's been a pleasant day. Can't complain much. I suppose I could come up with a few complaints, if I had to. I don't feel like it right now.
I have been working on coloring book pages today. I finished up two more pages.

11 August 2021

I got the new glasses, and they work like they are supposed to. That's the good news, the not so hot news, I'm feeling under appreciated at ****. Why, nothing I can put my finger on, oh wait, maybe it's something I can put my finger on. I'm just to crafty and I know it. I don't quite know what to do.
*Two weeks ago, a car followed me home. Now I have to feed it. If you'd like to support my art, I would appreciate it. Hop over to the Merch page and check out my offerings.

28 July 2021

Well, I went to have the glassaes checked out last week. The new computer glasses were wrong. I went in with the old and new pair of computer glasses, and asked, "Why do these (the old ones) work better than these (the new ones)? Sharpies appeared and marked up the sweet spot on both sets, and then the doctor's office was called, and I was made an appointment for 12:15 pm. (That ruined my plans for the rest of the day.) I let my manager know that I was going to use a full day of leave, and puttered around a little. Even had time to get my hair colored. It was supposed to be a lavender color, and because it was me, the color turned out blue. A nice surprise, though not what I had planned. Went in for the doctor's appointment. The receptionist took the glasses, and did some type of voodoo magic to the, and they worked, not! When the Doctor was freed up from the previous appointment, the doctor let me know the perscrption was filled incorrectly. The store sent the order in again. Until the new glasses arrive, I'm back to using ten year old computer glasses.

21 July 2021

This has been a little difficult, I'm dealing with new glasses that aren't helping my eyesige. The 10 year old glasses work better than the new ones for computer work. I'm going back in a few minutes and asking why. Wish me luck.

11 July 2021

I'm having to work my way around html again. Take your guess, good thing or bad thing? Good then, I've decided not to over complicated the site this time. I have yet to work on the art pages, I will try that this afternoon.
Big surprise, I found an issue with the Bacon book. Looked fine on screen, the mechanical process of printing the book made it look like a newbie mistake. It is what it is, I uploaded a new file for the inside pages yesterday. I'm sure it looks better in print. And that's not the first thing people have noticed when they look at the book. They see bacon bits behind the page numbers. And different bacon bits behind the page numbers. My secret, the bacon bits repeat every 8 pages. I'd like to think, the use of real photos to represent bacon, instead of cartoony clip art, is a point in my favor for bacon book recognition.

3 July 2021

Yesterday was a work from home day. I kind of miss working on site. But Management is not ready for everyone to come back full force. The pandemic is scary, and we all changed our way of doing things. Over all, I think the changes were done smartly, the common flu seems to be eradicated in some parts of the world.
I uploaded contents for another book to Amazon, "Knitters Graph Paper." It's in the review process, they want to make sure I met all the specifications. I say "Score, just put it up! It's all good."

01 July 2021

Time to redo the whole thang. I had the intricate accordion panels set up. I'm not sure I'm going to go through that much trouble, but the accordion panels will return.
It's a work from home day.