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Art comes in traditional and digital flavors, along with several additial modes referred to as multi-media. This is journey art, enjoy the ride.


Full size version of Apples - HERE I had just started using traditional art mediums again, I wasnted to draw an apple. Then I wanted to make it into a cube. I think you can still tell it's supposed to be an apple, what do you think?

A Creative Mind . . .

I was playing around on the iPad. The purple text came from a font, then I decorated it. The black text was free form hand writing, and I want the hairy fringe to show my frustrations. I don't have many outlets to show my creativity. That's why I'm showing off here, this is one of the few places I can show and tell.

neurographic art 1
I found that I like neurographic art, it is relaxing and a good way to test out art supplies. I used Faber Castell Pit brush pens for the first image.
neurographic art 2
This second image was created with Spectrum Noir alcohol markers. I did notice the markers didn't mix well on the Cresent Render paper.
neurographic art 3
The third image was created with Tombow watercolor pens. The watercolor did blend some on the Cresent Render paper.
Basket Coloring page

A page from Break & Color Abstract Fun: Volume 2, Available on Amazon. I have a thing about coloring pages. When I'm designing, I like to fill the page, I want the colorist to feel good about the work they are coloring. Does that mean they have to fill the page. Absolutely not. Art is personal, and the final result reflects your personality.

From chaotic collage to inspiration

I had several cutour bulbs from the Cricut machine, and decided to collage some art. I started with an 11x17 inch sheet of cover, not know how it was going to turn out. When I finished, the obvious choulce was to fold it over to a 5.5 x 17 greeting card. Ith then became inspriation for art I created and submitted to VERSION A and VERSION B,. If you want to avoid the rush and buy early, I don't have a problem with that. One thing is for sure, the card will be there year after year.

Mandala art that looks like a crocheted doily.

This was an experimental piece of art. Liquid watercolor was used to make the brush patterns. If you'd like to copy the image and use it as a coloring page, you have my blessing. This piece started out as spirograph inspired work, it can still be classified as such. I wanted more than just lines, I wanted lines with texture. The outcome of this project was better than I had expected.

Decorative Bluebonnet Box

Wow, if the image had only been a panarama. But even then, there would have been some strangeness wrapping around the box corners. When it's cut out and folded, it has the feel of a pyramid. It took 3 trys to achieve the corners exactly lining up to each other. Why so exact? Printing is a mechanical process, I like to have layouts perfect in order to give the finished piece the highest chance of success. It would have been awesome.

How about a sticker?

If I could go from a collage to greeting card, why not a sticker?