Experimental & Fun Projects

These projects start out as experimental. Once refined, they turn into usable design elements. Experimenting allows the unexpected "WOW" element. In the process, I take the time to document the steps I took to get to the end result. There is nothing worse than getting that "WOW" element and not being able to recreate it.

When I start a project, I have an idea of where I want to go with it. I'll sit down with a notebook and draw out the end goal. Even in research mode, I will try out new things with the understanding that I can make mistakes. When misdirection happens, it is a simple matter of back tracking and taking a new direction. There are times the unexpected happens, resulting in an unexpected design element.

thumbnail bluebonnet box layout

Tapered Box Inspired from the"The Packaging Designer's Book of Patterns" by Laszlo Roth and George L Wybenga. Packaging is an area I am interested in.

Luckenbach Texas

Let's go to Luckenbach, Texas. I thought it would be a good idea to visit the place from the song, my son didn't think so. I can now say I've been there.

Luckenbach Texas

The Zoomify version of the Luckenbach pano. This Photoshop plugin creates a high resolution version with detail.

pepper quiz

This made a colorful image. I went to Central Market and got an assortment of hot peppers to dry out and grind.

Guilloche pattern

A Guillouche pattern. Created entirely with Illustrator without a net, I mean without a plugin. The pattern is one continuous line.

Typography experiment

I have been thinking about typography lately. Here is an idea for drop cap/monogram type letters with a calligraphy style.

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