I like to document some of the techniques I come up with. These haven't been updated in a while.. There are times I look at a published technique and take it one or two steps further.

I have yet to work out a solution for video tutorials. the idea is being researched.

Photoshop Papers

Customizing gradients manually

Shape gradients: Oh sure you can use a plugin, this is for those times when you can't get the control you need with a plugin.

Customizing text

Drippy text: I think text effects is a lost art. When I watch a movie, I like to look at the credits and see the text. Is it a font, or was it created in a way that all letters have a unique appearance?

Typsetting Papers

Tricks to imply word spacing

Implied Word Spacing: There is a way to imply word spacing where none exists.

Some ideas on setting up files

File > New: Some ideas on setting up new files with InDesign.

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