It 2021! The time is moving fast. This site is being updated, in a simplified way.

Welcome to is a mirrored site. Here, art is the journey, though it is possible to go down a side road every now and then.

My area of expertise is layout and design. I like the challenge of setting up files with the right graphics and the right type to convey a message. Business cards to forms, posters and beyond. More recently, I have been rediscoverying tradition art techniques, paper and pencil, ink, paint, etc. It is quite enjoyable to get in the zone and put ink to paper, listen to music or an audiobook. And I have my favorite art tools.

I have some artistic products for sale online. Two "print on demand" coloring books that can be purchased on Amazon. If you like printed greeting cards, also "print on demand," check out GreetingCardUniverse. If you are interested, I can create a custom greeting card just for you.